HEMPd Salve

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Target specific trouble areas in need of CBD for concentrated muscle ache, joint pain and inflammation relief. Our “triple threat” salve is also a great moisturizer to revitalize dry skin and delivers all of the full-plant benefits from hemp to nourish your skin.

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How to use product

Apply liberally to skin until absorbed, and repeat as needed. For external use only.

CBD Per Serving:

250 mg per container


Key Benefits

A herb used to decrease tension,
treat psoriasis, relieve pain,
support sleep and overall wellness.

Clove Oil
Works to reduce joint and injury pain while promoting younger looking skin.

A plant with antibacterial properties often used topically to treat muscle and joint pain.

Locks in moisture and helps calm skin.

Cranberry Powder
A superfood ingredient containing
vitamins and minerals that
support overall wellness.

An herb prized by the ancient Aztecs as a relaxant for reduced stressed and enhanced mood.

Grape Seed Oil
A good source of Vitamin E for antioxidants and healthy skin.

Red Poppy
A plant known for its soothing effect on both anxiety and dry, itchy skin.

Full-Plant CBD Oil
Naturally occurring Cannabidiol,
Cannabinoids, Flavonoids and Terpenes
work together to support reduced muscle
and join pain, stress relief, sleep and
overall wellness and balance.



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